How many times can you paint your nails with a bottle of gel polish?

We get this question quite often and there is a very clear answer to it. The amount of gel polish you can apply with a 75 ml bottle can vary depending on several factors, such as the thickness of the polish and the size of your nails.

But on average, a 7.5 ml bottle of gel polish will give you about 15 to 25 full manicures, depending on how many layers you apply and how much product you use per layer. This can also vary depending on the brand and consistency of the gel polish.

Thin layers are recommended!

It is important to note that you usually only apply thin layers of gel polish, as they are cured under a UV or LED lamp. Thicker layers may increase curing time and potentially result in fewer uses per bottle.

Read the instructions

It's always helpful to refer to the instructions for the specific gel polish you're using, as some brands may offer different coverage.

At Noirieux you always get a good description. Shop your gel polish here and get started with your own salon-worthy manicure at home!


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