Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3
Gel polish starter pack set 3

Gel polish starter pack set 3

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Thanks to this renewed gel polish starter pack from NOIRIEUX with improved trendy gel polish nail colors in the gel polish set, you can now get started quickly and easily at home. The improved gel polish included in the gel polish set can be dried under the included LED mini lamp, so that you can enjoy strong and shiny nail polish for more than 20 days and can be applied over the natural and artificial nail.

Gel polish set packaging content

  • 36W LED lamp MINI (nail dryer)
  • Electric nail file
  • 6 bits for the nail file + Sanding rolls
  • 3 top colors gel nail polish 7.5 ml
  • Base coat 7.5ml
  • Top coat 7.5 ml
  • Primer 7.5 ml
  • Instructions
  • Noirieux supplies high-quality professional quality gel polish for a good price. In addition to the handy gel polish (starter) sets, you can also order your favorite colors.
  • The gel polish has been extensively tested so that the gel polish provides the best coverage and the gel polish stays in place for more than 14 days. By supplying a handy manual with the gel polish sets, everyone can apply gel polish with salon quality.
  • Noirieux goes along with fashion and therefore supplies new colors every month so that you can always vary.

At NOIRIEUX you always have a 100% guarantee. If an item does not meet your needs, we will solve it! We are available 24/7 for tips and tricks when painting the nails. We can also give you advice about nail art. If you need tips, feel free to contact us and we will help you further.

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Noirieux gel polish

The gel polish designed by NOIRIEUX stays on the nails for up to 20 days. If you don't feel like going to the manicure every month for nail care and gel polish application, then this set is really something for you! You save a lot of money and you get no less than 6 super trendy gel polish colors. The user manual that comes with it makes it super easy to apply the gel polish. Everything you need is included in the set, so you don't have to buy anything else before you start.


STEP 1 - File: File the nails with the supplied electric nail file. Don't forget the nail surface for the best result.

STEP 2 - Primer: Apply the primer and let it air dry for about 20 seconds

STEP 3 - Base coat: Apply a thin layer of base coat and dry it under the supplied LED lamp.

STEP 4 - Color: Apply a thin layer of color and let it dry under the LED lamp. Repeat this step 2x

STEP 5 - Topcoat: Apply a thin layer of top coat and let it also cure under the LED lamp.

You don't need a cleanser, the top coat hardens completely. An extensive manual is supplied with the set with handy example pictures. If you still can't figure it out, feel free to contact our 24/7 helpline!


The supplied LED lamp mini is ideal for on the go and can easily be carried in a bag. The lamp can be used with wire. (wire is included).

The difference between the Noirieux mini LED lamp compared to other MINI LED lamps is that there are also LED lamps on the side, so that the nails harden extra quickly and you do not have to hold your thumb separately under the lamp. Because the mini LED lamp can be taken on a trip, we have designed an extra strong design to prevent damage to the lamp. Before use, remove the blue protective film.


The nail file comes with various attachments for filing the nails, removing the gel polish and also for taking care of the cuticle. The nail file is wired. What is super handy about this nail file is that you can adjust the speed. A total of 6 different bits are included, if you don't find the bit you want to use, no problem! All standard bits fit on this nail file.


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